Website development

April 21, 2015

From artists’ portfolios to e-shops, we create attractive and easy-to-use websites that can be appreciated by a global audience.


April 21, 2015

Technical illustrations / instruction booklets
colorful children’s books / black and white sketches

Graphic Design

April 21, 2015

We use images, space and type to visually communicate your idea or message in a clear and effective manner.

Application UI

April 21, 2015

Applications that make the user experience pleasant and engaging.

Corporate Identity

April 21, 2015

Logo, business card, stationery, packaging or flyer, we create a clean and interesting look that best represent your corporate vision.


Niovis St. Study

July 2, 2018

Illustrations for neighborhood street planning logo

November 13, 2017

Logo redesign for an online database for short films and short film festivals redesign

November 13, 2017

Redesign for the largest Greek online database for short films and short film festivals

Goodheart Productions website

February 1, 2016

Website for an event management company based in Athens

A Pixel For Your Thoughts

November 23, 2015

Photography portfolio built with Wordpress

Agora Kypselis website

April 28, 2015

Event promotion landing page for a municipal market in downtown Athens

Iris Plaitakis’ Portfolio

March 21, 2015

Artist portfolio built with Wordpress


December 20, 2014

Online version of a political newspaper

Q4U business cards

December 20, 2014

Business cards for an engineering consultancy company

book of sayings

August 20, 2014

Illustrations for 47 stories, based on Greek sayings

NGO Initiative Cyprus website

May 12, 2014

Website for an NGO based in Cyprus

waste+ logo

April 6, 2014

Logo design for an application for recycling units

waste+ ui

April 6, 2014

UI design & html templates for a custom application developed for recycling units

Get The Picture landing page

April 23, 2013

Landing page for the an NGO campaign about the Millenium Goals

Morfeas Hotel website

March 17, 2013

Design & html templates for a hotel in Corfu

Q4U website

September 6, 2012

Design & html templates for a company website

N&R comic strip

September 26, 2011

Illustrations & layout for a wedding invitation

G. Lygidakis Business Cards

May 16, 2011

Business card for a civil engineering firm

From the Blog

Sketches #4: Kitchen Variations

December 18, 2015

A classic toddler theme

Sketches #2: More Cars

December 18, 2015

The one with the farmer’s market

Sketches #3: Animal Farm

December 17, 2015

More fun with crayons!

Sketches #1: Vintage Cars

December 8, 2015

Series of sketches I made with my son’s crayons

Grand opening

April 21, 2015

Ward15 website launch

FIAT 127 study

August 18, 2013

Pencil drawing of my family’s first car